Friday, May 27, 2011

Because I'm Thinking in Bullet Points Today

  • I decided recently to switch to WordPress. However, I imported my blog under a name I didn't 100% love and want to delete it but don't know how. Sigh.
  • After having done laundry on Wednesday, cleaning the house yesterday (along with washing diapers) and not needing to run the dishwasher last night, I woke up feeling like I was practically on vacation.
  • I almost dragged Timmy out of the house for two garage sales this morning, only to realize that they are actually tomorrow.
  • How do you tell if a baby is eating more because of a growth spurt, or because he's ready to start solids?
  • Along those same lines, I used to count down the weeks until Timothy started solids because I hated nursing, and while I don't absolutely love it now, I am a little sad that my baby is nearly old enough for big people food.
  • We have a lot of empty wall space in our house. Hopefully this will be rectified with picture frames, spray paint and Costco's photo center. Anyone good at decorating walls?
  • We learned some cake decorating skills at a church ladies function recently and now I'm itching to get my hands on some supplies of my own.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gifts 149-167

149 a new computer

150 the ladies at my knitting class not minding a noisy and sometimes fussy baby boy

151 rainy days

152 finishing projects

153 cleaning in a skirt

154 a delicious recipe being easier than I remember

155 going to the library with Timmy

156 Timmy waking up from a nap with coos

157 dinner cleaned up, baby in bed for the night and curling up on the couch with a book by 7:30 p.m.

158 a husband who appreciates the work I do at home

159 a clean house

160 walking on a beautiful day

162 scrumptious strawberries at an incredibly good price

163 friends from church coming over for supper

164 quite possibly Timmy's best night yet

165 rearranging the living room to make it immensely more useful and enjoyable

166 a book I can't put down

167 one year ago

Can Someone Please Tell Me...

how we can go from this:

May 23, 2010
to this:
May 22, 2011
in just one year?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Mother's Day

This year was actually my second Mother's Day.  Mother's Day 2010 found me pregnant but not knowing it yet. Because I (firmly) believe that life begins at conception, I was indeed a mother last year. Chris and Timothy spoiled me big time with breakfast in bed, a gift certificate to the fabric store (seasonal placemats are on the horizon!), Subway, Ticket to Ride, and Starbucks. Of course phone calls to our moms and Chris' sisters were in order.

But while my Facebook feed filled up with (deserving) well wishes to moms everywhere, my heart was thinking of friends. Friends who would love to cradle a little one but whose arms are still empty. Friends who've had to say goodbye before ever saying hello.

If your arms and heart are achingly empty, please know that as I held my chubby boy, I prayed that the God of all Comfort would indeed comfort you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifts 139-148

139 clean and organized pantry shelves

140 31 Days to Clean

141 a kind dentist

142 good dental insurance

143 a garage sale with quality little boy clothes for 25 cents each (a rare find in Cali!)

144 a husband who insists I nap

145 Chris taking us for a drive during a long day of teething

146 a fabulous deal on a much needed computer (arriving soon!)

147 hot showers

148 birthday shopping for Chris

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

31 Days to Clean: Day 7

After tweeting about Sarah Mae' ebook, 31 Days to Clean, I was excited about embarking on the challenge.  I love that the book covers the why along with the how. Two weekends ago, I deep cleaned nearly the entire kitchen giving me a head start, but sadly, I didn't take before and after photos.  However, I did manage to snap a few of the pantry shelves when I cleaned and organized them last Saturday.



I was surprised by how quickly the job went. It wasn't difficult, and my supervisor seemed to approve of my work, too.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Gifts 120-138

120 remembering to post the gifts

121 being greeted with a kiss, "happy Monday" and cake from our favorite bakery

122 the wiggly bundle of energy in my arms

123 phone calls with my brothers

124 walking to errands

125 long phone calls with other mommy friends

126 the house smelling of fresh air

127 Timmy talking on the phone

128 my first Mother's Day

129 breakfast in bed, "made by Timmy" said Chris

130 dreaming of all the projects I can make with the gift certificate to the fabric store from my boys

131 Chris insisting I get a "fancy" sandwich from Subway yesterday

132 half price frappicinos at Starbucks

133 knitting

134 moms and grandmas

135 Timmy's hair being messed up when he wakes up from a nap

136 slowly but surely, longer naps becoming reality

137 free photo collages

138 pigtail braids

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Still Here, Still Clicking

We're alive and well over here, just continuing to type slowly. I started the 31 Days to Clean Challenge last weekend with a bang by deep cleaning the kitchen. I am still participating in the challenge, though not alway able to complete one of the Martha tasks each day, especially on busy days. I just remind myself that it doesn't have to be completed in one month.

Yesterday was one such day, with meeting Chris for lunch and then going to Costco (an hour away). Timmy did quite well, though (it was our first time going without Chris). The motivation for going was to pick up Timmy's birth announcement. Yes, he is 3.5 months old. Better late than never, right?

I am so excited about the Mother's Day cards I made for my mom and Chris' mom. I'll post a picture when I know they've received them.

Off to keep scaling Mt. Laundry and organize the pantry! (Oh, and make these if I have time.)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays: Gifts 107-119

107 my brother showing me the onscreen keyboard, making life much easier

108 family walks

109 Timmy sucking his thumb

110 chatting with another (wise) mom while nursing Timmy at church

111 deep cleaning the kitchen

112 adding to my pile of 100 things to get rid of

113 Timmy fitting into his adorable denim shorts

114 plane tickets

115 how yarn and needles work together to make a vast array of knitted items

116 falling into bed knowing that I worked hard that day

117 walking to church

118 remembering two years ago

119 two hour naps