Monday, May 09, 2011

Gifts 120-138

120 remembering to post the gifts

121 being greeted with a kiss, "happy Monday" and cake from our favorite bakery

122 the wiggly bundle of energy in my arms

123 phone calls with my brothers

124 walking to errands

125 long phone calls with other mommy friends

126 the house smelling of fresh air

127 Timmy talking on the phone

128 my first Mother's Day

129 breakfast in bed, "made by Timmy" said Chris

130 dreaming of all the projects I can make with the gift certificate to the fabric store from my boys

131 Chris insisting I get a "fancy" sandwich from Subway yesterday

132 half price frappicinos at Starbucks

133 knitting

134 moms and grandmas

135 Timmy's hair being messed up when he wakes up from a nap

136 slowly but surely, longer naps becoming reality

137 free photo collages

138 pigtail braids


Anna said...

Yay for #136! It makes such a big difference! :)

I hope your first Mother's Day was full of joy. :)

Elizabeth said...

Of course, as soon as I wrote about his longer naps, he woke up. Oh, irony.

It was! I hope your day was as well (even though it wasn't your first). Congrats on Tabitha!