Saturday, May 07, 2011

Still Here, Still Clicking

We're alive and well over here, just continuing to type slowly. I started the 31 Days to Clean Challenge last weekend with a bang by deep cleaning the kitchen. I am still participating in the challenge, though not alway able to complete one of the Martha tasks each day, especially on busy days. I just remind myself that it doesn't have to be completed in one month.

Yesterday was one such day, with meeting Chris for lunch and then going to Costco (an hour away). Timmy did quite well, though (it was our first time going without Chris). The motivation for going was to pick up Timmy's birth announcement. Yes, he is 3.5 months old. Better late than never, right?

I am so excited about the Mother's Day cards I made for my mom and Chris' mom. I'll post a picture when I know they've received them.

Off to keep scaling Mt. Laundry and organize the pantry! (Oh, and make these if I have time.)

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