Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Mother's Day

This year was actually my second Mother's Day.  Mother's Day 2010 found me pregnant but not knowing it yet. Because I (firmly) believe that life begins at conception, I was indeed a mother last year. Chris and Timothy spoiled me big time with breakfast in bed, a gift certificate to the fabric store (seasonal placemats are on the horizon!), Subway, Ticket to Ride, and Starbucks. Of course phone calls to our moms and Chris' sisters were in order.

But while my Facebook feed filled up with (deserving) well wishes to moms everywhere, my heart was thinking of friends. Friends who would love to cradle a little one but whose arms are still empty. Friends who've had to say goodbye before ever saying hello.

If your arms and heart are achingly empty, please know that as I held my chubby boy, I prayed that the God of all Comfort would indeed comfort you.

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