Monday, November 15, 2010

A Delightfully Full Weekend

My parents and sister visited us this weekend and we had a great time.  I had to drive to The Very Big City to pick them up, but I survived!  And my Dad drove back, which was fabulous.  Of course we had to stop at In-N-Out, since this is SoCal and all.

Thursday night we just hung out, had dinner (the perfect fall meal, IMO--Italian Veggie Soup, French Bread and Apple Crisp) and played Ticket to Ride.

Friday was a stop at our favorite bakery in town and then off to see the sights!  We visited where Chris works (he had that Friday off!), had lunch there and moseyed on home for our traditional Friday night pizza and another game of Ticket to Ride.  We also stopped at the town park, which smelled SO much like autumn--love it!

Saturday was Cinnamon Bread French Toast for breakfast and fabric shopping!  My mom is making a quilt for our baby, so she and my sister and I picked fabric out while Dad and Chris went to the airport and a train store.  Then we headed out of town to this great viewpoint to try and see some trains.  While we were waiting for a train to come by (which it never did), a rancher rode up in his Jeep/4 wheeler/cart/thing-y and informed us there were some fugitives afoot in the area.  They'd gotten into a scuffle with the police early that morning and were armed and not afraid to fight.  Deciding that we didn't really want to meet these unsavory characters, we headed back to the car (which thankful they hadn't found and hot-wired) and made it safely back to town.

After that little excitement, we tried a (good!) Mediterranean place and discussed plans to head back to The Very Big City early the next day before dropping the fam off at the airport.  I also played Scrabble with my parents, and I blame the fact that I haven't played in months for my second place showing.

Sunday in The Very Big City we walked around the beach and then dropped off our lovely company before heading back for childbirth class.  (Can I just say that practicing relaxation is quite amazing?)

I didn't take any pictures since my Dad had his camera, but I'll post some when he sends them to us.

And that, my friends, was our delightful weekend. :)

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