Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Summer has given way to fall (finally!) and we've been busy with house projects (Chris successfully planted grass where our septic system was replaced), Bible studies starting back up, teaching a casual ASL class to some sweet girls, teaching Sunday School, chasing Timmy and Isaac and oh yeah, growing Higbaby #3. Yep, baby is due in mid-May and we're very excited!

How we told the world/FB

So far, I'm convinced this baby is a girl. Different cravings, more nausea but less sickness. We're hoping to find out the gender before we head to see family for Christmas, but instead of having them tell us, we'll have them write it down and then open up the envelope when we're all together. Hopefully baby cooperates with this grand (and lovely) scheme. And while I may be convinced it's a girl, another boy would be fun, too. I can't imagine the awesome craziness of three boys.

We're hosting Thanksgiving again (probably the exact some menu as last year, haha) and are looking forward to it. Speaking of, I'm off to finalize my shopping list for it!

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