Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A few notes on music

(Pardon the cheesey pun.)

Anyhoo, I love music. I play a few instruments and love listening to music of almost any kind (rap and country excluded). The other day, I was pondering how amazing music is. By taking lines and circles (along with a few other random shapes), arranging them in an orderly fashion and adding some numbers, you can create an infinite number of musical pieces. Furthermore, that sheet of music can be played by any instrument in the world. Isn't that crazy?

The moral of this short story is that I love music. God loves music. You should love music, too. I don't mean love as in just enjoy listening to it, but love it that you are learned about what your ears are hearing. Know what kinds of lyrics go with which style of music. Understanding the inner workings of this amazing thing we call music makes listening to it much more enjoyable.


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Hey... country has some good stuff!