Saturday, November 09, 2013

How to Plan a Surprise Date Night

Funny how if you don't click "publish," posts don't publish. Wrote this in September...oops!

1) Have a generous friend offer to watch your kids. Bring your children to her house after their nap, before your husband gets home. If you're lucky, there will be cute photos like these taken:

2) Scour Pinterest for delicious yet not too complex recipes to make. (I settled on this and this.)

3) Set the patio table with candles, a tablecloth and wine glasses. Forget to take a picture.

4) Put on your favorite polka dot dress to cook while waiting for your husband to come home.

5) Enjoy a lovely meal on the patio.

6) Eat your dessert before the hot sun melts the letters you so carefully piped. Also, don't be like me and use a tomato sauce can. It tasted fine that night, but when nibbling on it the next day, it definitely had a hint of tomato.

7) Be thankful for your friends who watched your kids and even more thankful for your amazing husband.

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