Sunday, June 09, 2013

Isaac's Very Hungry Party

I realized the other day that I had mostly written but not actually posted the details about Isaac's birthday. Oops! Better late than never, right?

We had a great time celebrating Isaac's first birthday, and it was much less stressful to prepare than Timmy's party (yeah, definitely went overboard on his). Nearly all the pictures in this post and the one about Timmy's birthday were taken by my friend Jessie, and I have to say that asking someone else to take photos has been SO great. If you're throwing any kind of kid party, I'd definitely recommend asking someone else to be the photographer.

I got Isaac's invites on Etsy. After realizing how much paper and time I invested in Timmy's and seeing that it wasn't crazy expensive to buy a printable, we opted for this one. So cute!

 The spread (the banner says Happy 1st Birthday Isaac...not that it's readable. Sigh. Should have used a darker pen).

We ate the same food as the caterpillar (apples, pears, plums, strawberries and oranges). I was going to poke them with a straw to make a hole, but decided that was too much work. I found the signs for the food here.
Guess the Number of Caterpillars (gummy worms)
Adorable (and in desperate need of a haircut) birthday boy! I made his onesie with my Silhouettte and some Heat N Bond.
My attempt at a caterpillar. I just kept reminding myself that he's only 1 and wouldn't remember. ;)
Caterpillar banner with pictures from Isaac's first year.
For favors, I just bagged up some Skittles and made signs that said "Thanks for crawling over to my party!--Isaac" Super easy and cute!

And yes, we actually did have guests at this party and there are plenty of photos of them, but I'm too lazy to ask permission of each and every person before putting said photos on the Internet. Plus who knows how long that would take me to accomplish...probably until Isaac is 2! 

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Beth said...

Love it! Thanks for posting the details and pics!