Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Meanderings

  • Timmy has started babbling "ba-ba-ba-ba" and it's the cutest thing ever. Along with this photo:

  • Inspired by Gretchen's Apron Week posts, I snagged a vintage looking tablecloth at the thrift store for $1.25 and am excited to turn it into an apron. Because I tend to think I can sew better than I actually can, I made a small scrap apron for my Molly doll as practice.
  • I love love love hearing the heartbeat of my unborn baby.
  • This post was supposed to be published last Wednesday, but the funny thing about scheduled posts is you actually have to publish them. Crazy, I know.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gifts [367-375]

My poor blog has been a bit neglected. I'm working on some changes around here, and I'm afraid that's consumed my blogging time instead of new posts. Hopefully soon I'll have something to show for my work. In the meantime, I'm off to work on my long to-do list, hoping that Timmy wakes up in a better mood...

367 the clearance section of

368 strength after a night of insomnia

369 hearing Higbaby2's heartbeat!!

370 a friendly OB

371 not having to reschedule my appointment, even though she was called out for delivery

372 helping Timmy watch out the window for Chris to arrive home

373 Timmy doing well when we were gone from home much longer than expected

374 homemade bread

375 my parents getting to see Timmy army crawl on Skype

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gifts in Joy [361-366]

Today marks 12 weeks of being pregnant (I think--my first OB appointment is still coming up), and it's also the first day I've felt more human. It's a wonderful, wonderful thing!

361 being reminded that the joy of the Lord is my strength

362 food tasting good for the first time in weeks

363 family time

364 ice cream

365 ginger ale

366 lasagna from the freezer that feeds us for several meals

Aprons of Generations

Last Christmas, tired of my largely pregnant belly attracting food and spills, I requested an apron for Christmas. My lovely sister came through, giving me a beautiful blue apron, providing wonderful protection for my limited maternity wardrobe. Now that baby's on the outside, I still reach for it when in the kitchen, especially when baking bread or something else involving copious amounts of flour.

(Sorry for the poor self portrait. That's what happens when I forget to ask Chris to take one.)

My apron doesn't have any stories to tell of generations past. Not yet, at least, but hopefully one day it will bring back memories, just like this one...

Given to my mother by her grandmother, it's been a staple each Christmas season when Mom sets to work making the delicious Norwegian treat known as lefse.

Dear Beth,
Today on your 21st natal day, I am giving you an inheritance, namely my old lefse making apron. I used to feel like I'd want a white apron for lefse making. Pretty crude one, especially the top band made over in a hurry. If you never use it that's fine. 
Just in fun, 

I asked my dad if his mom ever wore an apron, and he couldn't recall her doing so, but I'm sure that as a farmer's wife with four kids, she surely donned one as she prepared those large meals for her husband and sons working in the fields...

It's Apron Week at the Little Pink House and I'm loving the posts and photos. Check out the giveaway from Posey Lane here!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


(Our actual anniversary was Monday, but since we didn't arrive in Cali until 11:00 p.m. blogging wasn't at the top of my to-do list, and I wasn't on top of things enough to have a post scheduled!)

2 houses


2 states


2 babies (one still inside me and one napping upstairs)


2 of the best, most wonderful and craziest years of my life. Here's to many, many more as Mrs. H!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gifts in Traveling [342-360]

Timmy and I returned Monday night from a whirlwind trip to the lovely state of South Dakota in order to celebrate my maternal grandpa's 90th birthday. In true Norwegian fashion, there was lots of food (and butter), and in keeping with the season, we feasted on delicious sweet corn and watermelon. By the grace of God, I survived flying halfway across the country with Timmy while being pregnant without Chris. As always, the gifts kept coming...

Ready to see Daddy!

342 a man telling me what a bundle of joy Timmy is

343 free cookies on the plane

344 the man who passed out on our flight being okay

345 reprieve from nausea

346 lunch with my siblings at our favorite Greek restaurant

347 Mom taking Timmy so I could sleep in

348 cousins

349 a full house for my grandpa's open house party

350 an uncle who's a pediatrician and could answer my questions about Timmy

351 Midwest sweet corn

352 2 years of marriage

353 a vintage Fisher Price barn for Timmy (that I played with as a child)

354 my 10 year old cousin entertaining a fussy Timmy

355 looking forward to seeing Chris

356 a fun family day

357 being back in the arms of my love

358 Timmy sleeping well at the hotel

359 having our happy boy back

360 Timmy crawling for the first time when Chris was home to see

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It Runs In the Family

When people find out Timmy's going to be a big brother, one of the first questions they ask is how far apart the babies will be. "A little over 14 months," I say, trying not to think of the sleep deprivation in my future.

It's true, our first two will be close in age, but the more I've thought about it, the more I've realized it's almost genetic. I'm the oldest of four kids--my next brother and I are 16 months apart. Chris is the second of four kids. He is 12 months (to the day!) older than his younger sister. And my dad (also the oldest of four) is one year and 10 days older than his next brother.

So yes, close siblings apparently run in our families. And you know what? It's a gene I don't mind carrying on.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Gifts in Craziness 332-341

We went camping last weekend in order to celebrate our second anniversary (!). The whole saga is worth a blog post of its own, but let's just say that we were on the road home by 7:15 a.m., and we're laughing about it now. :)

332 clean handtowels

333 Timmy pulling himself up on his toy crate

334 learning that a friend will be getting a much needed kidney transplant

335 how Timmy loves carrots

336 the wildfire moving away from town

337 looking forward to seeing family

338 being able to pump a bottle when Timmy wouldn't nurse (and seeing him feed himself--adorable!)

339 surviving our first camping trip

340 naps for all of us the day we came home

341 firefighters who work tirelessly to battle the 8,000+ acre blaze