Monday, September 19, 2011

Aprons of Generations

Last Christmas, tired of my largely pregnant belly attracting food and spills, I requested an apron for Christmas. My lovely sister came through, giving me a beautiful blue apron, providing wonderful protection for my limited maternity wardrobe. Now that baby's on the outside, I still reach for it when in the kitchen, especially when baking bread or something else involving copious amounts of flour.

(Sorry for the poor self portrait. That's what happens when I forget to ask Chris to take one.)

My apron doesn't have any stories to tell of generations past. Not yet, at least, but hopefully one day it will bring back memories, just like this one...

Given to my mother by her grandmother, it's been a staple each Christmas season when Mom sets to work making the delicious Norwegian treat known as lefse.

Dear Beth,
Today on your 21st natal day, I am giving you an inheritance, namely my old lefse making apron. I used to feel like I'd want a white apron for lefse making. Pretty crude one, especially the top band made over in a hurry. If you never use it that's fine. 
Just in fun, 

I asked my dad if his mom ever wore an apron, and he couldn't recall her doing so, but I'm sure that as a farmer's wife with four kids, she surely donned one as she prepared those large meals for her husband and sons working in the fields...

It's Apron Week at the Little Pink House and I'm loving the posts and photos. Check out the giveaway from Posey Lane here!


Gretchen said...

Your blue apron looks so fun and cheerful! (And what is it about pregnant bellies finally making us turn to aprons? ;))

And the white apron of your grandmother's is simply exquisite. What a treasure! I hope you've caught a shot or two of your mom making lefse while wearing it. ;)

Elizabeth said...

There's probably photos somewhere, but being so far away I wasn't able to peruse the family photo albums! Next time I'm there for lefse making, I'll be sure to snap some. :)

Gretchen said...

I was in the same boat, having to have my sister scan some pictures for me. And in the process, we realized how few pictures we had of the women in our family wearing their aprons! Thus my comment--make sure you get a picture. ;)

Mom said...

Love the post about aprons! And so fun to see them making a comeback. My generation hasn't used them much I don't think.