Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gifts in Traveling [342-360]

Timmy and I returned Monday night from a whirlwind trip to the lovely state of South Dakota in order to celebrate my maternal grandpa's 90th birthday. In true Norwegian fashion, there was lots of food (and butter), and in keeping with the season, we feasted on delicious sweet corn and watermelon. By the grace of God, I survived flying halfway across the country with Timmy while being pregnant without Chris. As always, the gifts kept coming...

Ready to see Daddy!

342 a man telling me what a bundle of joy Timmy is

343 free cookies on the plane

344 the man who passed out on our flight being okay

345 reprieve from nausea

346 lunch with my siblings at our favorite Greek restaurant

347 Mom taking Timmy so I could sleep in

348 cousins

349 a full house for my grandpa's open house party

350 an uncle who's a pediatrician and could answer my questions about Timmy

351 Midwest sweet corn

352 2 years of marriage

353 a vintage Fisher Price barn for Timmy (that I played with as a child)

354 my 10 year old cousin entertaining a fussy Timmy

355 looking forward to seeing Chris

356 a fun family day

357 being back in the arms of my love

358 Timmy sleeping well at the hotel

359 having our happy boy back

360 Timmy crawling for the first time when Chris was home to see

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