Monday, July 11, 2011

Gifts of Rest [222-244]

I'm still playing catch-up from our vacation, hence the sparse blog posts. Nevertheless, memories of family, friends, sunshine, the ocean and laughter are fresh in our minds as we work at righting our house and ridding it of ants.

God's gifts were abundant those 10 days, and as I typed them into my phone while we drove back, I realized just how incredibly blessed we are.

222 Timmy sleeping my arms during the post parade festivities

223 knitting with my mom and sister

224 the wedding of a close friend

225 gorgeous weather for their special day, despite predicted rain

226 a small town 4th of July

227 the ocean

228 rest

229 familiar faces

230 strength after sleepless nights

231 Timmy playing with cousins and friends

232 yarn shopping with my mother-in-law

233 healing from the colds all three of us had

234 PNW sunsets

235 the traditional game of Scrabble with my Dad

236 seeing how my oldest niece has grown since Christmas

237 Tevas from a friend

238 seeing my brothers as uncles

239 Timmy not having stranger anxiety yet

240 friends welcoming a 4th of July baby

241 Timmy doing incredibly well on our plane rides

242 God's protection of our unlocked car

243 miraculous provision of a seat for Timmy on both our flights

244 my whole family singing the Doxology to Timmy before bed

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