Monday, April 25, 2011

Creating Tradition: Easter Bundles

One of the things I really looked forward to in starting a family was creating our own traditions. Be it everyday or especially traditions (as Noel Piper puts it), they have the power to create lasting memories and bring families together.

Recently Chris and I were talking about Easter and discussing whether or not we wanted to do Easter baskets for our kids. Our (quick) consensus was that while the concept is fun, they're usually full of cheap trinkets and plastic Easter grass which is pretty much like saying "yes, I'd like to pay to have my house be messy."

"Let's do books," Chris suggested, "like your parents." "Brilliant!" I replied. Several years ago, my parents started giving us a book on Easter, as well as including one in our Christmas and birthday gifts. Over the years, I've gotten several classics and other editions I've been wanting. (Although when asked about this last Christmas, I told my mother the only title I could think to ask for was The Vaccine Book. Thankfully, they got me a different one.)

So, armed with the decision to give books, I set off on my hunt. Thanks to Amazon's 4-for-3 deal, Timmy is getting two books, and because I needed just a few more dollars to make my order count for another month of AmazonMom, he's also getting a toy. Lucky kid. I added some Easter chocolate and bundled them together with hemp, along with a tag proclaiming "He is risen!" For Chris' bundle, I also included a picture frame. If I was super creative, I suppose I would have whipped up some cloth bags on my sewing machine or used colorful ribbon...but I'm not so I didn't. Also, my parents sent us books but I am too lazy to retake photos and upload them. Just imagine a space book for Chris, one by Gary Thomas for me and Curious George for Timmy.

Without further adieu, here are the H family's Easter Bundles 2011:

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Jannell said...


We do Mrs. Santa's books under pillow on Christmas Eve (to buy time before getting up on Christmas morning, and to have an excuse to buy more books.)