Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ode to the Eye Doctor pt. 2

As I recently posted, I've been making some trips to the eye doctor.  The nice ladies there recognize me now (probably because I bugged them so many times about when my contact lenses would be in) and when we were in last night, the parting words were "next time we see you, you'll have a baby!"

After way too many weeks of poor vision with my old glasses, my new ones arrived!  My eyes seriously didn't know how to deal with the sudden change in a correct prescription, so they rebelled with a headache but we're doing better now.  And miraculously enough, I don't hate how I look in them.

The lovely eye doctor assured me that the reason my eyes and contacts weren't getting along was all the grime and junk on the lenses, so he recommended I get them polished.  Although it was an epic fail on the part of the lab (3-5 days does NOT mean 3.5 weeks), my lenses arrived yesterday and they now look brand new!  I can wear them AND my eyes don't water!  Speaking of my ojos, they are even more confused by yet another prescription being thrust into them, I have a feeling they'll pull through.

With TWO ways of being able to see now, I am feeling like one spoiled girl.  It's the little things in life, people. 

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