Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ode to the Eye Doctor

Ever since I accepted the fact that the eye doctor would be a regular part of my life (this happened around 2nd grade or so), I've looked forward to those visit.  It wasn't like the dentist, which was painful and where they blamed you for your bad teeth and the regular doctor which just isn't that fun.  (No offense to any doctors reading this.)  And when you get new glasses, you can see!  As I recently went to the eye doctor for the first time in way too long, this phenomenon has me greatly excited.

There are a few things about this lovely place, though, that are pressureful.  If you have perfect eyesight (like a certain husband of mine), this is most certainly a foreign concept to you.  During your eye exam, the doctor will show you a row of letters and ask which one looks clearer by switching back and forth between a set of lenses.  This is incredibly stressful as they sometimes look very similar and choosing the wrong one means that your lenses will be messed up for the next TWO YEARS.  Oh the pressure!

After figuring out your new prescription, the cosmetic
drama starts...picking new frames.  Dun dun dun.  I
                        photo credit
well remember the days of seeing row upon row of eyeglasses at the doctor's and wishing I could try them all on.  When it came time to choose my frames, however, the lady would reach for her plastic case of approximately 12 frames covered by our insurance and I was destined to choose from those dozen.  Last week, though, I got to pick whichever frames I want (thank you, insurance company for just giving me a frame allowance).  The problem is that to try on glasses, you must remove your old ones, which in my case means I can't see a dadgum thing.  Very difficult to see whilst you can't see, in case you wondered.  Despite no one else being with me as a fashion consultant, I do believe I managed to pick a pair of frames.

So have no fear, Mr. Eye Doctor, I will continue to visit you, hopefully more faithfully than I have in the past, because despite the pressure that accompanies trips to you, I thank you for helping me see.

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