Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Meanderings

  • I've been unintentionally absent from blogging this week.  Possibly because we've been getting ready for baby?  Or because I'm lazy/forgetful.  Most likely the latter, sadly.
  • My brother informed me yesterday to not call my parent's house again until I was in labor.  Thankfully, he was joking.
  • Pregnant women need an outgoing ringtone that says "This _____, I'm not in labor but please answer your phone."
  • A super encouraging e-mail from a friend reminded me to RELAX as we wait for baby, which means that my house needs to be tidied up in order for me to actually feel relaxed.
  • I sewed a Bible cover/pen holder last night and was putting it on for the final time when I realized I messed it up and it wouldn't work.  Sigh.
  • "Sewing without a seam ripper is like working on a computer without UNDO." I am so living that right now.

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