Sunday, January 02, 2011

Back to Reality

I was so busy enjoying our Christmas vacation that I hardly gave a thought to blogging about it. :)  We had amazingly stress-free travels, despite not flying out until Dec. 23rd.  Parking was a bit nail-biting; we found the lot no problem, but out of the 7000 spaces available, only about 10-15 were still empty.  Thankfully, we snagged one and our car lived the 10 days we were gone.  Airline security was also no problem (I was afraid of being selected for radiation/a pat down), and Chris' sister and her husband picked us up that evening.

Friday morning was brunch with Chris' dad's family and Christmas Eve was spent with my parents, including a father suffering from food poisoning.  Thankfully he was feeling better in time to open gifts, because it just didn't seem like Christmas with dad being in bed.
Chris' sister Jamie and I sporting the matching onesies our babies received

Saturday Chris' mom and siblings came up to my parent's house for more food and gifts.  Ticket to Ride was a big hit, especially as Chris and I were given the expansion pack for Christmas (woohoo!).

We spent the next few days relaxing, reading and dining on a Bacon Explosion made by Chris and my brother Philip (which deserves a post all its down).  Tuesday was a baby shower for Higbaby!  It was so much fun seeing friends and getting to chat with them.  Our baby (and we) are so incredibly loved. :)

Thursday we stopped by Chris' mom's house for a few hours and then spent that night and the next with his dad and grandparents.  We flew home yesterday and half an hour from our house had our first bout with real drama--a tire that started to fall apart.  Chris told me this morning that he's still amazed it didn't blow out; obviously, Someone was watching out for us. :)  He was able to put the spare tire on at a gas station (instead of the dark side of the road) and we made it home.  This morning, however, he discovered that the spare was flat.  Oh, irony....

So we have spent today playing several versions of Ticket to Ride, undecorating our house and getting things unpacked as all the tire places were closed today and the snow/ice didn't make walking a very exciting prospect.

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