Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reflecting on Mary

Christmas this year is like nothing I've ever experienced.  Sure, I've heard my whole life about Mary being with child, riding on a donkey and giving birth in a stable.  But now I'm pregnant.  As I try to imagine giving birth in a stable with "no midwives to be found on the streets of David's town" (as Andrew Peterson so aptly penned), I am filled with wonder at Mary's implicit trust in God.

Not only did she give birth in a strange town, with animals all around and no one but her husband, she was carrying the Son of God.  I'm sure Joseph was supportive--as much as he could be.  I imagine that being the earthly father of God's Son will do that to you.  However, (and this is speculation on my part), due to cultural norms, he probably had no experience with a laboring woman--that was a woman's work.  And I'm positive he hadn't read Husband Coached Childbirth.  Mary was alone.  Except for Him.  The very God who was with Mary was also the child she was carrying.

(On a lighter note, I also have a newfound respect for Joseph, because seriously, how many times did they have to make bathroom stops??  Pregnant lady + donkey ride = yikes...)

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Gretchen said...

Amen to all of that. But your last line made me laugh. ;)