Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

I know it's barely the end of October, but I've already started thinking about Christmas gifts.  (Not celebrating Christmas...that comes at the end of Advent.) :)

Here are some ideas I've come across while browsing the Interweb.  Like I said, I know it's early, but because they can sometimes take time, I feel it's best to start early and not be stressed.  There's also that little matter of a baby arriving about a month after Christmas, so I'm trying to keep on top of things.

Gifts that I am planning on giving this year aren't listed because who wants people to find out their present beforehand?  Not me.  But I'll try to post pictures of what I make after the fact. :)

I haven't tried all these, but the ones I have done went well.

Etched Glass  (I've done this several times and it is actually quite easy. One hint: don't use a glass coffee table as your surface, even if you cover it in newspaper.)

Button earrings (can't wait to try this!)

Porcelain Painting

Book Clock (I made one for my brother's birthday and really want to make one for my kitchen from an antique Betty Crocker cookbook)

Mirrored Box/Planter

Wooden Spool Advent Calendar

Accordion Photo Gallery 

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Tyffany said...

Some really great ideas! Thanks Elizabeth!