Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yummy Recipe

I continue to try and incorporate quinoa into our menu because it's good for you and so stinkin' delicious.  We both highly recommend this recipe.  The other night, we had quinoa, chicken and black bean wraps for dinner (complete with fresh from the garden green beans)!

To cook the chicken, I cut up the pieces, melted some butter and threw the chicken in the pan.  Towards the end, I added some Tony's Creole seasoning to give it a bit of flavor.  After cooking the quinoa, I added almost one can of black beans.  Chris and I both think corn would have been a good addition, but I'm just not that on top of things.

Put it all in a (heated) tortilla, wrap and enjoy!  I didn't add any sauce, but Chris had about 3 or 4 hot sauces he tried (he really is the condiment king, as his siblings said).

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