Saturday, March 06, 2010


Today marks 28 years of marriage for my mom and dad.  While in some ways that seems like a lifetime to me, I'm sure to them it's passed quickly.  Now, more than ever, I have a deepening respect and appreciation for my parents and their life-long commitment to each other.  Not that Chris and I have been married long (next week is a mere 6 months) nor have we gone through what they have, but now as a wife, I have a (small) taste of what marriage is really like.

I look back on my parent's marriage at things they've gone through (several big moves, cancer, death of a parent, raising a special needs teenager) and marvel at their unwavering commitment to each other.  Had someone given them a snapshot of where they'd be 28 years from the day they pledged their life and love, they would probably be surprised and amused.  I'm they look at where Chris and I are now and laugh, not at us, but at themselves and at what they have learned since the blissful days of young, newlywed love.

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