Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love Him Because He...(#26-50)

26. Invited Mormon missionaries over because he wants them to know Jesus.
27. Not only lets me put my cold feet on him at night, but he wraps his feet around them to warm them up faster.
28. Prays with me every night before sleeping.
29. Looks really good with a wedding ring on.
30. Loves Jesus more than he loves me.
31. Puts up with my rambling.
32. Doesn't get frustrated when I'm super emotional.
33. Wants babies someday.
34. Tells me everyday that I'm beautiful.
35. Drives when we're together.
36. Loves going to Costco.
37. Tells me multiple times a day how much he loves me.
38. Shows me that love, too, by his actions.
39. Is excited to try our hand at gardening this year.
40. Can fly an airplane.
41. Can fix anything.
42. Likes to walk.
43. Agreed to experiment with paint colors in our house.
44. Doesn't mind when I rearrange some furniture without telling him.
45. Likes to experiment with toppings for our weekly pizza nights.
46. Scratches my back--the most relaxing thing ever, in my opinion.
47. Is willing to give up books to PaperBackSwap.
48. Is always striving to be a better man and husband.
49. Is totally cool that we don't own a t.v.
50. Loves hymns.

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