Wednesday, December 16, 2009

24 While 24

Each year on (or around) my birthday, I (list girl) make a list of new things I did during my previous year of life.  Why? Because I can. And because I'm an odd little duck.  So, without further adieu, here are 24 things I did (for the first time) while 24...

1. Got married!
2. Got engaged :)
3. Kissed
4. Tried on wedding dresses
5. Found THE dress
6. Went on a honeymoon
7. Went through pre-marital counseling
8. Changed my last name
9. Moved away from a city I said I'd never leave
10. Agreed to move to a house without seeing pictures of the inside
11. Went engagement ring shopping
12. Made something that turned out just like the magazine cover (this has been a long-time life goal)
13. Was the schedule girl and 'go to girl' for children's ministry
14. Quit a full time job
15. Became a stay at home wife
16. Watched my niece be born
17. Made an Advent wreath
18. Went into the woods with Chris to chop down our Christmas tree
19. Celebrated my dad's parent's 60th anniversary
20. Lived alone
21. Played Risk
22. Won Monopoly (pretty sure this year was the first time)
23. Learned how to share a bed with someone else
24. Started to "officially" spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man in the world! :)

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Marie said...

love your blog can't wait to try out the french bread list... will have to make a list of my own.

all thed best... M