Sunday, October 11, 2009

And We're Back!

I didn't realize it had been over a month since my last post. Husband > blogging.  Our wedding was wonderful (pictures and a more detailed post to come) and our honeymoon was so restful, despite the fact that we kicked it off with a flat tire (it's a funny story, I promise, and NOT our fault. Really). We're now in Yak-town, getting settled and trying to be healthy again (it's not swine flu. At least, it better not be. I made fun too much of the pandemonium surrounding H1N1 to actually contract it).

Hopefully my blogging will be more regular now that I have a working computer (well, a husband with one), a house with Internet and am no longer planning a wedding or moving and currently don't have a job outside the home. (And I wonder why I was so tired the last four months...)

We're enjoying our first change of season in a land with (count 'em) FOUR seasons. Yesterday brought three boxes of apples and a box of pears into our house, some of which have been dried and more of which will be frozen.

I had about three or four days of good meals planned, and then I got hit with the cold/fever bug and haven't been cooking much since then, but hopefully I'm on the mend and will be cooking again like a normal person. Not going to lie--being a wife so far is very fabulous. Of course, the reason it's so fabulous is because of my husband, but I'll spare you all that newlywed stuff. ;)


Jacob said...

Hey, Congratulations to you and Chris. May God bless you!

Anne said...

heehee, you're so cute! Glad you are enjoying married life...and you are healed in the name of Jesus!!