Sunday, September 14, 2008

Joy in the Mundane

To most people, my life is pretty boring. There's not a whole lot that changes. I'm not using my degree at my job. My life consists primarily of work, church and friends. Most evenings after work are spent at my house, reading, talking with my roommates, running and laughing at our cat. Weekends are filled with church, Bible quizzing, friends and the like.

On the flip side, though, I've found amazing joy in my somewhat mundane life. While my job isn't using my degree, I do work for a great company that cares about its employees. What I do does have some eternal impact. I have fabulous roommates who make me laugh like none other and put up with my craziness by adding lots of their own. The people from my church are amazing and I love getting to know them better. I'm privileged to be coaching a Bible Quizzing team, helping other kids be formed by the Scriptures like I was.

I want to be content in whatever season of life God has placed me; right now, He has me in Bellingham (where I said I'd never move), learning, loving and living. I want to enjoy and thrive in this season, knowing that it's unique and a gift from Him.

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