Saturday, March 01, 2008

On this weekend

I know this weekend is only about half over, but some very exciting things have transpired since it commenced.

-Roommate B and I have been looking for another cat, as Roommate J is planning to move out and take her cat with her. J's cat doesn't like us very much, anyways. B had e-mailed a few days ago about a cat on craigslist but didn't hear anything back. Last night she suggested I e-mail again, I did and about 15 minutes later, we got a reply saying the cat was still there and if we were interested, we should come and look at her. We got out there and took Maggie (renamed Nellie) home with us. She is a delightful 7 month old cat with a good amount of kitten friskiness left in her. Pictures forthcoming.

-My girls were amazing at the quiz meet, as always. Even when they give me heart attacks by giving themselves less than 10 seconds to quote something like Ephesians 5:3.

-After the quiz meet, I stopped at a grocery store where they were have a "cake walk" with numbers on the floor. I spotted the number 16 on the floor near where I was, kept a foot on it and promptly won three New York Steaks. Not being a huge steak fan (as I have already admitted), they went into the freezer until I can figure out how I want to cook them.

-Blog topics rolling around in my head include, but are not limited to, lessons learned from doing laundry, roommates, birth control, television and hymns.

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Philip S. said...

If you bring them over to our house I would be happy to grill them for you.