Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Bible is like...steak?

Please bear with my bad analogy. :) I recently visited a church, the sermons of which I greatly enjoy and learn from. Mark Driscoll, the teaching pastor at said church, has very 'meaty' sermons (hence the bad steak pun). (They are also funny and easily applicable to life...but that's not the point of this post.) I have listened to several sermons from the church's website, and I love that when he preaches, he simply prays and starts preaching. He doesn't start with stories or illustrations, but rather, starts with Scripture. I'm not saying that all stories in preaching are bad, but they must be kept to a minimum and Scripture held as the source of the teaching. And let's face it, sermon illustrations aren't known for being the most...well-written...or creative.

The more I listen to 'meaty' sermons, the more I've realized how much more I enjoy and learn from this type of expository preaching. The more you have the good stuff (steak) the less desirable the weak stuff is (McDonald's). Josh Harris wrote that Scripture is the meat, not the seasoning of a sermon.

(The steak analogy makes me laugh because I don't really like steak.)

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Katherine said...

I'm glad you like Mark Driscoll. Please keep him tucked quietly away in Seattle.