Sunday, December 02, 2007

Has it really been two months?

Life seems to be flying by these days, and I don't anticipate it slowing down anytime soon, though I am definitely loving this season of my life.

I have had a wonderful Sabbath, dear friends. Taught Sunday School this morning and made some new friends of the three-year-old variety. Went to second service and sat with people I am getting to know better....I love my church. The Advent mural is up and looking fabulous! After church was over, I skipped out on the money class (bad me!) because a friend had offered to drive me to where I had left Oliver (my car) yesterday due to bad roads. We got to Oliver and after brushing him off, I bade her farewell with a grateful heart and set off for grocery shopping...I actually do not mind doing this. Of course, staying on my budget for food helped with my good mood.

Upon getting home, I set to work making truffles and candy cane cookies. During my busy baking, I was serenaded with some lovely Christmas music by Nat King Cole, Andrew Peterson and a host of others. Now the cookies are coming out of the oven (they don't look as good as my mom's, but some of them aren't too bad) and I have a pile of dishes calling my name. There are also truffles waiting to be rolled and rice ready to be made for dinner.

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