Monday, October 08, 2007

Grace happens

I saw this phrase recently on a bumper sticker, and it got me thinking. Sometimes, I think so much of the Big Grace of God (mainly dying on the cross for me) and I tend to forget the Little Grace. Little graces, like customers who are so grateful for help, classes that randomly get cancelled (or let out early), bosses who bring around ice-cold drinks to your desk, a day of sunshine in the midst of rain, coming home from a weekend away to a house full of good food, babies falling asleep in your arms...the list goes on and on. Grace does happen, in Big ways (redeeming humanity, for example) and little ways (someone saying, "you made my day.")


Isaacme said...

How true Lizzy. God is so good to us.

Janel said...

That is so true. I forget about how many ways I'm blessed. God really is amazing and so are many of the people he has put around us.