Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nesting and Such

"She's in the beginning stages of her nesting," Chris told his mom on the phone the other day, and I suppose he can't be blamed for saying that. In the last month or two, I've reorganized/purged our kitchen cabinets, the linen closet, the boys' closet and oh, yeah, we re-did our closet, too.

Starting the demolition process (the best 'before' shot we have)

After (it might not be visible, but we also painted the inside of the closet)

In case you're tempted to be impressed with all that I've done, just don't make me tell you how slowly I do things these days, or how much chocolate consumption was involved. The good news is that most of the un-fun projects are done, so now that I occasionally have bouts of real nesting energy, I can focus on the more enjoyable tasks, like making busy bags for Timmy and Isaac and in a few months, washing Baby Girl's clothes.

We also celebrated Timmy's 3rd birthday with Curious George cake and tools.

Next up is Easter--I'm toying with the idea of making suspenders for the boys and maybe bow ties, but I'm not convinced they will wear them. Though let's be honest--I am not above bribing with chocolate in order to get a good picture. Yes, I'm shameless. And six days after Easter, Isaac turns two. His celebration will include lots of tractors and lawn mowing (his absolute favorite activity). Every morning, he mows before breakfast...and after...and after nap, etc.

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