Saturday, April 06, 2013

Goodbye, Jabberwocky

One of my favorite features of our house is our patio. It's right off the living room, surrounded by a small wall and perfect for summer evenings, as well as playing with the boys. Although I do confess that it frequently houses toys, Timmy's trike and other random items, such as the colorful creature affectionately named the Jabberwocky.
Timmy (15 months) and the Jabberwock (the best photo I could find)
A few days ago, I noticed a (presumably) friendly black Lab had hopped over the wall and was on the patio. Knowing Timmy's love for dogs, I got him from the other room and showed him the puppy from behind the safety of the glass (because as this two year old knows, dogs are much better observed from a distance). By the time I got Timmy, the dog was in our yard and I didn't think much of it. I later saw on a community alerts Facebook page that several people had seen it wandering around our area, skittish and with no collar.

Some time later when the boys were sleeping, I noticed the dog walking down the street in front of our house...carrying the Jabberwocky in its mouth! So goodbye, dear will be missed and hopefully your new owner won't destroy you.

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