Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

Timmy's napping and I'm eating clearance Easter candy blogging while I wait for a friend to come cut my hair. These last moments with just Timmy and me seem so quiet and precious knowing that once Baby Brother arrives, life will be anything but calm. We have our routines, both for the morning and each day of the week. While I can't wait to hold this little baby in my arms, I also remember that the early newborn days are usually tearful (for mom and baby), and sleepless, but then I see pictures of Timmy snuggling us, sleeping in our arms or as a happy 4 month old baby and I get even more excited. I can't wait for my boys to play together, and really, who can resist these baby smiles?
Timmy at 2ish months

I think that once Timmy gets used to this little boy who turns his world upside down, he'll love having a brother. He's a very social little guy, so a built in playmate will (hopefully) seem like heaven to him. And just because he's cute, here's a picture of my favorite 14 month old on Easter Sunday. (Blurry, but at least it's of the front of him and not the back of his head!)

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