Monday, December 19, 2011

Repeat Ad Nauseum

I feel I could start all my posts with "my poor neglected blog..." But as the kitchen is clean, Timmy is just stirring from his nap (as opposed to full out talking and partying) and I've made remarkable progress on my to-do list, I figured I'd take time to write a little.

Hard to believe yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. It definitely flew by this year. Thankfully, I am not feeling as behind as I was. I've come to accept that our house will be in a perpetual state of chaos until we get things settled in our new home (yes, we're buying a house!). I'll have to write the story someday. In all my spare time, obviously.

Saturday I used some birthday money to buy fabric for a knitting needle roll to house my double pointed needles. I'm hoping to finish it tonight, but we'll see. Sometimes I'm so brain-dead in the evenings I can't do a whole lot (hence the blogging at noon thing). Once it's done, though, I can start on the wrist warmers I'm making for myself and the hat for Chris. Very excited about those.

Well, Timmy's ramping up the party noises now so I suppose I should get him up and feed the boy some lunch.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


That's how I'm feeling these days...Christmas cards are still a mess of ideas on and our Christmas letter is a draft in my Google docs. The fall wreath is sitting on the bookshelf (taken down due to wind) and we've only done a few activities on our Advent calendar.

But! There is hope. I chose super simple Christmas baking this year and half of it's done. I should be home all day today and plan to catch up, clean up (so we can get our tree tomorrow!) and hopefully wrap a few gifts. And yes, I should be doing those things rather than blogging, but this poor blog has been so neglected as of late. It doesn't help that half the topics I want to write about involve Christmas things that must still be kept under wrap (no pun intended).

Timmy is looking more and more like a toddler every day. He quit nursing cold-turkey right before Thanksgiving, which I've finally come to accept. His favorite foods now include fruit, yogurt and bread. H2 is an active little fireball (kicking more than Timmy ever did, I'm certain) and makes a me a little concerned to think about having a baby even more energetic than Timmy. Yikes.

Speaking of my little bundle of energy, I hear noises coming from the monitor so I'd better get off the computer. Have a lovely third week of Advent, friends!