Monday, November 07, 2011

Catching Up [Gifts 412-421]

I haven't intentionally left my blog alone all week, it just kinda happened. Oops. That obviously means it's time for some bullet points.

Cowboy Timmy on Halloween

  • We had a lovely at-home date last night, complete with enough Chinese takeout for an army. Note to self: next time order ONE meal to split.
  • While the extra hour of sleep was wonderful, that coupled with an early bedtime last night meant Timmy was up and ready to go at 6:50 this morning.
  • Timmy used to love carrots, so after I pureed and froze a bunch for him, he decided he hates them. Sigh.
  • My husband brought me peanut butter M&Ms the other day. I love that man.
  • Timmy actually fell asleep in my arms at church yesterday. I forgot how nice it is to hold a sleeping baby.
  • This is the best.bib.ever.
First trip to the pumpkin patch

412 an at home date

413 cloudy weather

414 a freshly bathed baby

415 a low key, inexpensive pumpkin patch

416 playing peekaboo with Timmy while pumping gas

417 Timmy babbling in the car

418 seeing him light up and chat with another 9 month old boy at the library

419 meeting Chris for lunch

420 being in and out of Costco in 30 minutes

421 Timmy doing well on a major shopping trip without Chris

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