Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ma Ingalls

Even though I'm starting my mothering journey far from family and long-time friends, I'm super thankful for new friends and technology that helps me not feel the distance. Lately, I've been thinking about women who haven't had those advantages.

Ma Ingalls comes to mind. Quite frankly--how did she do it? How did she make (all) the clothes for her family while pregnant and keeping house? Did she have trouble breastfeeding? Did she ever get frustrated while trying to turn the heel of a sock? When Pa was off hunting, did she stay up at night worrying that he might not come home? Did she regret that her parents weren't there to see her girls grow up? I can at least e-mail/Facebook/text photos of Timmy to his grandparents, but she had no such luxury.

It's a good reminder on days when I feel overwhelmed to be thankful for conveniences that make my work as a homemaker and mom that much easier.

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