Monday, June 06, 2011

Gifts 168-188

168 Timmy "talking" himself to sleep

169 when my weekly routine actually happens

170 Sunday morning donuts

171 water

172 having company for dinner twice in one week

173 the farmer's market

174 having dinner ready when Chris gets home

175 exercising

176 Timmy waking up from a (short) nap but talking in his crib happily for the next 30 minutes while I cleaned house

177 Chris' birthday

178 family adventures

179 a day to get things done around the house, after several days of being hither and yon

180 extra (homemade!) teriyaki sauce from a lady at church after our Memorial Day BBQ

181 PandoraOne for Chris' birthday (though I use it, too)

182 friends announcing a new baby on the way

183 all the socks having a match

184 Sunday afternoon naps for all three of us

185 delicious, ripe peaches

186 a newly organized and purged craft shelf

187 finding a box of photos from 10+ years ago and smiling at all the memories

188 making great headway on my to do list

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