Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be Imitators as Children

First and foremost, I want my son to know Jesus. For Timothy to believe in Christ as his Savior would be the greatest joy Chris and I could have as parents. Beyond that, though, there's a whole list of other qualities I want to impart to him. Of course I want him to be kind, loving, a hard worker, wise, a godly man (and should he get married/have kids, a wonderful husband and father). It's definitely enough to overwhelm any mom (or dad). How do I teach my son all these things?

The answer--as with anything else--is found in Scripture. Be imitators of God, as dearly loved children, Ephesians 5 tells us. As Timmy grows and copies everything we do (good and bad) it's a heavy reminder that the best way to point my son to Christ is to model a Christ-centered life myself. Easier said than done, but like every other aspect of parenting (and life, really), it's another opportunity to depend on grace.

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