Monday, April 18, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays: Gifts 81-106

81 how fast the gifts add up, when I stop to count them

82 baby socks

83 a walk with my boy on a beautiful spring day

84 dinner with a delightful family of seven from church

85 singing the Doxology as the mealtime prayer with them

86 colorful cloth diapers

87 homemade French bread

88 Amazon's 4-for-3 deal

89 coupons

90 Timmy being an absolute champ during our errands

91 journal entry #5000

92 no line at the Post Office

93 Sonic Happy Hour

94 praying for a friend in labor

95 making our Easter bundles

96 people who hold the door open for mamas lugging carseats

97 a husband who doesn't mind working on dinner when I start cooking but then have to feed Timmy

97 hearing that two babies I've prayed for have safely arrived

98 hand-me-downs

99 singing all hymns at church (a capella, because both guitarists were gone...and we sounded GOOD!)

100 walking to church

101 my red Kitchen Aid

102 Timmy actually falling asleep at church

103 productive weekends

104 Chris cleaning out my car

104 singing the Doxology to Timmy at bedtime

105 bedtime routine (especially story time)

106 consistency in the increased feedings


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I love how fast the gifts add up... it's wonderful! It is so nice to have a husband that will step in to help. Yay for safely arrived babies! How cool to have a red Kitchen Aid! Love that! Really enjoyed your great list! :)

noelcordle said...

I like #97 :) Thanks for your prayers!