Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Don't Need Sleep

This post has been written in my head for awhile, but I'm just now getting a chance to type it up.

I stumbled into Timmy's room at 3 a.m., silently pleading with God, just let him sleep! It's what we both need, Obviously, rest was the solution. As I sat down in the rocking chair with him, the thought that had been trying to work its way into the front of my brain (but I'd been shutting out) suddenly hit me with full force. I don't need sleep. I need Jesus. I'd been (wrongly) convinced that a good night's sleep would solve all my problems and exhaustion that comes with having a new baby, but my focus was misplaced.

While I rocked my baby, I confessed my idolization of sleep, realizing yet again that I can't do this whole mom thing on my own. And you know what? Since then, Timmy has been sleeping MUCH better at night and I've learned in a whole new way how to depend on Jesus.

For He gives to his beloved sleep
-Psalm 127:2


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful Liz. You're so incredibly wise.

Anna said...

E.-it is usally true-a relaxed mommy makes a relaxed baby. Trusting Jesus makes us more relaxed. Really works.

Anonymous said...

This is so true! Most of my nights like that were when Annelise was a baby. Following the lead of wise family members, I tried to spend those wakeful times praying and, despite the fatigue, I felt God's strength & blessing.

Amy S.