Monday, April 04, 2011

Gifts 63-71

63 paying cash for our (new to us) truck

64 the lady at the automotive place telling Chris how he could save money registering at another business

65 a tidy house

66 finding baby socks around the house

67 caffeine

68 seeing my parents as grandparents

69 Timmy's great-grandma rocking him to sleep

70 knowing that Timmy has met three of his four great-grandparents on my side

71 eat/wake/sleep

72 sweater vests for newborns

73 Dedication Sunday

74 freezer meals

75 date night

76 my husband's smile

77 notes on my nightstand

78 my 85 year old Grandpa joining Facebook

79 Moby wraps

80 hymns

81 four hours of sleep in a row

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