Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Naming of TimBob

Many people, upon hearing Timothy's name for the first time, commented on how wonderfully normal it is.  While I do have a soft spot for unique names (especially for girls), Chris and I wanted good, solid, not-crazy names for our kids.

Robert--my paternal grandpa's first name, my dad's middle name as well as my brother's middle name and Chris' paternal grandpa's first name. It took almost no discussing to agree on that as a middle name.

Timothy took a little longer to agree upon, but we both liked Timothy in the Bible and it's a strong name.  2 Timothy 2:1 was the clincher for me, because what else could I want for my son than to be strong in the grace of Jesus?

Even though Timothy is barely 4 weeks old, he has a whole host of nicknames--Timmy, Tim, Bubs and TimBob.  The last one was inspired by Charles Robert, a friend in college who was sometimes called ChuckBob.

So there you have it.  I always enjoy hearing why people picked the names they did.  And our girl's name? It's safely tucked away for re-consideration, should God bless us with a daughter someday.


Thea said...

I always thought that I wanted my children to have unique names, but when it came time to name a child, we found ourselves drawn to solid, classic names. Funny how that works, eh?

Though Lydia is still on the not-so-common side, Sarah is a different story: we named her after one of my closest friends from high school, who passed away a year and a half ago.

The fact that Sarah is a name so common among my generation was a hurdle, though (it's happened more than once that folks think I'm Sarah and she's Thea), but her name has grown on us more and more.

She's so perfectly Sarah, now, and I loved giving our daughter a name that, like Timothy, is tried and true.

Elizabeth said...

Lydia has always been one of my favorite girls' names (and I thought it was plenty common...apparently not?). :)