Friday, February 11, 2011

The Daze of Days

Timothy is 16 days old now and I (sometimes) feel like I'm getting the hang of things.  The other day he slept in the Moby while I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry.  Both those activities have never felt so wonderfully normal.  He's lost about a pound since he was born, so our big goal now is weight gain.  Prayers would be baby needs to get bigger!  One reason he looks skinnier, though, is because he's already 1/2 an inch taller!  His hair has gotten darker, too.  Crazy how fast they change.

I've written his birth story but need to proofread it before posting.  It's pretty long...apparently I have no trouble sharing the details of childbirth on the Internet.  (Don't worry, it's not too graphic.)

He typically wakes up 2 times each night, once around 12 or 1 and again at 4.  The worst part is that between eating, burping and diaper changes he's usually awake for about an hour each time.  Thankfully Chris is always willing to change him, but I'd like Timothy to be awake a little less.  We got some help with nursing yesterday so I'm hoping he'll become a more efficient eater and not keep us up quite so long.

I was always told the first two weeks were the roughest and so far that has totally been true.  Last Wednesday (his two week birthday) was a really good day, and though we've had some fussy moments since then, I feel like overall things are getting better.  I'm aware, though, that once I feel I have the hang of this newborn thing he'll switch it up on us and we'll (again) be feeling clueless.

Thank you to everyone who's prayed for us, asked how we're doing and sent gifts.  All three of us are very loved!

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