Saturday, November 27, 2010


Apologies to a certain brother of mine, because if the local library system has its way, his Christmas present may never get done.  We don't own a printer, so I use the one at the library; I need to print something to finish said brother's gift.  (Also, they charge you sales tax on pages you print.  Is it just me or is that weird?)

(Know that our little library is open just three days a week--Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This is relevant to the story.)

Tuesday morning, I intended to go to the library and print off something necessary to complete his gift.  I didn't have a computer reservation, but as I had a book to return, I thought I'd chance it anyway and see if I could find an open machine.  No such luck--when you're only open 3 days a week, you're going to be busy on those 3 days.  There were other errands on my to-do list, so I didn't have time to wait around.

Today, I decided to try again.  I also wanted to hit a consignment store for some maternity clothing, so the trip out of the house wouldn't be a complete waste.  This time, I thought that a reservation would behoove me, so I went online to do that.  Or not.  Apparently you can't reserve computers online.  Deciding to chance it anyway as there were more books due this week, I drove up to the library with high hopes, only to discover that they were closed Thursday (expected) and Saturday for Thanksgiving.  Apparently taking a full week off for a one day holiday is all the rage.

At least I got a cute maternity shirt for $3.50, even though the library continues to thwart me.  And Philip, if there's no gift from us with your name on it this year, please don't blame me.  I tried.  Really.

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