Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Technological Generation "Gap"?

Yesterday afternoon I was talking to my (maternal) Grandpa and was shocked to learn that he knows what Craigslist is!  Now, my grandparents (on both sides) have Internet, but I honestly didn't think they would know about dear CL.  Wrong am I.

My dad informed me that he was pretty sure his parents know about Craigslist, too.  Who knew?  I have to admit I was also impressed awhile ago when my (paternal) Grandpa told me that while my Grandma was in the hospital for physical therapy, he tried using their computer to show her pictures baby I'd e-mailed them.

Apparently my grandparents are much more tech savvy than I think.  But if they get Facebook accounts or start Twittering, I'm still going to pass out from shock.

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