Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Oh Pregnancy Brain...

So November is National Blog Posting Month and once I was reminded of it (thanks, Anna!), I thought, hey, what a great idea...I should do that.  But as I was looking at my blog last night, I realized that I missed Sunday AND Tuesday so I clearly wasn't off to a good start.  And then I remembered that I had a great idea for a post, but couldn't think of it.

While getting ready for bed, I realized that Sunday was still October; I'd only missed one day.  Maybe there was still hope!  Upon remembering that yesterday was Nov. 2nd, all I'd skipped was the first and surely there is grace for that day.  And then I remembered the post idea I had.  But I was brushing my teeth and couldn't blog then.

This is (clearly) not that post idea that I had, but hey, at least it's a post, rambling as though it may be.  I'm going to attempt to post something every day, but I will have to schedule a few in advance for when my parents and sister are here (!!!).

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Anna said...

I'm glad you're joining! And nobody says you can't make your own rules for it. ;) By the way, I love that you are reading The House at Pooh Corner. Classic Pooh is so fun!