Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh NaBloPoMo

I can't think of anything that warrants a post in and of itself, so today it's bullet points!

  • I had to buy a fake wedding ring the other day, because my actual engagement and wedding ring are getting too small. :(  Hopefully my finger will shrink soon, because I miss them.
  • When our Costco size tub of laundry detergent runs out, I'm planning to try making some.  Anyone havea good recipe for a batch that's not huge?  I want to start small to see how it works first.
  • We're getting a dining room table!  Not gonna lie--eating around the coffee table is getting a bit old.  And we're hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so we figured a table is an essential.
  • Why do I always think of good blog posts ideas when I'm unable to blog (ie, at 3 am)?

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