Friday, November 19, 2010

Nearly Perfect Pie Crust

Brinner was on the menu last night and when I asked Chris what he was hankerin' for, he suggested quiche.  I'd never made one before, but I thought it was a great idea because it would give me the chance to try the pie crust recipe I want to use for Thanksgiving.  (You know that 'never serve guests a brand new recipe' rule?  Definitely breaking that one.)

My mom had sent me a recipe that she said was pretty much life changing. And she's about right.  It was a bit crumbly at first, but rolled out quite nicely.

Not quite sure where my mother got the recipe, but it's good.   (It's very similar to PW's Perfect Pie Crust, except that it uses butter and not Crisco.)

Pie Crust
3 c flour
1 c butter
1 t salt
1 egg, beaten
6 T water
1 t vinegar

Mix flour, salt and butter with pastry cutter. Stir egg, water and vinegar together and add to flour mixture. Mix well. Makes 2 large, 2 crust pies.

(I halved it and made this quiche for it--yummy!)

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Jacob said...

Apparently the vinegar is the key. My wife has heard of recipes calling for makes the dough easy to roll out, but it evaporates when you bake, leaving behind a flaky crust!