Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Most Perfect Sunday

Sunday, as we all know, was Reformation Day, a holiday I celebrate each year by watching the Reformation Polka on YouTube.  (Gems like this, my friends, is why Al Gore invented the Internet.)  We also sang A Mighty Fortress at the church we visited, which thrilled me to no end.

Obviously, the majority of the world wasn't observing this Church holiday, but rather Halloween.  Regardless of how you feel about this day, I maintain that one of the cutest sights around is ittle children dressed up in costume.  Our little town held a Trunk or Treat event Sunday night, closing off about 2 blocks of downtown for the festivities.  Chris and I went (I sewed a pumpkin onto my baby bump as Higbaby's first costume) and had a great time.  There were lots of people and many, many cute kids.  We walked over to our favorite bakery to get hot chocolate and a pumpkin cookie, walking hand in hand enjoying the fall chill along with the sights.  (If it sounds picturesque and idyllic, it was.)

When the sun had officially gone down and we were getting cold, we walked back to our car and headed home for some popcorn (our seemingly traditional Sunday night dinner) and Ticket to Ride.  (And yes, we play that game all the time.)

All in all, a most perfect time with my beloved. :)

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