Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last spring, I convinced Chris to put up a clothesline in our backyard (seen above).  Our dryer worked, but I love the smell of line-dried clothes.  It's also a lot more fun and saves money.  Obviously, that doesn't work in the snow or rain, but during nice weather, it's something I enjoyed doing.  And between the wind and using fabric softener, they weren't too stiff/crunchy.

When we moved to T-town, we brought our washer and dryer with us, only to discover that alas, our house had gas hookups and our dyer is electric.  So, because the laundry mat was expensive and a hassle, we resorted to hanging our clothes in our bedroom around the top of our bed.  (It has decorative rails.)  We knew we needed a dryer as we're planning to use cloth diapers, but finding one on Craigslist took some doing (no one wanted to deliver to our town).

I hated it.  The clothes got super crunchy, were annoying to hang (I'm short) and if bedsheets were drying, it was like sleeping in a cave.  Hanging them outside wasn't an option due to space and weather.

But!  On Thursday, we got a dryer!  And Chris got it hooked up!  There's laundry drying right now!  I can wash baby clothes and they won't be stiff and scratchy!  Even if I am being a total hypocrite and enjoying the fact that I don't have to air dry my laundry any more.

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